Dear GRP Community,

As I’m sure is true for all of you, I have been keeping a close eye on reports about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and contemplating the many ways that the lives of myself and those closest to me could be affected by this outbreak.

We have every intention of complying with recommendations set forth by MDH and the CDC and therefore will be canceling our Community Workshop that was scheduled on 3/28. I encourage all of you to bookmark the MDH COVID-19 (…/coronavirus/index.html) site and regularly check for information and guidance as this outbreak progresses.

These past few months have served as a powerful reminder of the importance of self-awareness, our connections to people down the street and around the world, and how our choices right now can significantly alter our future. Through all of this, my heart overflows at the willingness of people to put the needs of others over their own self-interest. Please believe, as I do, that we will make it through this uncertain period because we are powerful when we work together.

Good health to you all,

Shawntan Howell
Executive Director, Girls Are Powerful

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