Board member is proud of GRP and its impact on her daughter

Angela Powers first became involved in Girls Are Powerful when her daughter attended programs. “I fell in love with the mission and the people involved,” she says.

When she decided to seek a volunteer board role, Girls Are Powerful was the perfect fit. “Being able to build up our young girls is so important,” says Angela. “Girls in this age group (7 to 17) show low self-esteem and can get caught up in negative ways of thinking. Bullying is rampant, and girls need positive models to follow.”

In her professional life, Angela serves as a Global Compliance Manager for 3M. Her role on the Girls Are Powerful board is Director at Large. Angela will chair an assigned committee at a director level to ensure the committee outcomes are executed successfully.

Angela’s favorite power word is: “Unique. I like to tell the girls, ‘Originals are always more valuable than copies.’ Be yourself, not like everyone else.”

Angela is proud of the excellent content that Girls Are Powerful puts out to the community. “I wish there was an organization like this when I was a child.” Luckily, her daughter can benefit now, and she can serve as the positive role model.