Treasurer and Finance Chair found her perfect volunteer match

Barbara Neske learned about Girls Are Powerful through “I wanted to use my professional skills in support of a nonprofit organization I felt passionate about,” says Barbara. She is doing just that in her new role as Treasurer and Finance Chair on the Girls Are Powerful board of directors. By day, Barbara is an Information Technology Security Consultant at Voya Financial. She is applying her business expertise to manage all funds and to keep and maintain accurate financial reports for Girls Are Powerful.

When asked why she is passionate about empowering girls ages 7 to 17, Barbara replied, “Our culture has not historically empowered women to achieve their highest potential. The best place to start to shift this mindset is in the minds of our young women.”

Barbara’s favorite power word is: “Powerful. If girls believe in their own power from a young age, they will not see the roadblocks they will face as impacting their success, but rather as something they are capable of working through to achieve their goals.”

We are grateful that Barbara found her perfect volunteer match! “I love the mission and practice of this organization,” says Barbara. “I look forward to being a part of it.”