Communications chair seeks to positively impact girls at a critical stage

Cecilia Mische has lent her communications expertise to nonprofit organizations for years and had wanted to get involved at a deeper level with a nonprofit. When she heard about Girls Are Powerful, “the mission spoke to me so deeply I knew I had to find a way to be a part of it.”

In her professional life, Cecilia is a Global Communications Leader at Colopast, a multinational medical device company. For Girls Are Powerful, Cecilia will guide the strategy for communications, public relations, and the organization’s website.

“I truly believe women are the future,” says Cecilia. “I was a volleyball coach to junior high aged girls and I have many nieces I’m very close to. They have been constant reminders of the many barriers that girls face every day.” 

The age group that Girls Are Powerful serves, ages 7-17, “is such an important age group. If we can positively impact and influence girls at this critical life stage, it can create a lasting ripple in their lives. By teaching them critical life skills now, we are equipping them to thrive when they reach the next challenging stage of their lives: young adulthood.”

Cecilia’s favorite power word is “CONFIDENCE! Too often, as young girls, confidence is equated to being arrogant.” Celia looks to combat this perception. “Confidence can be built in simple ways. I was shy growing up. I was lucky my parents found ways to delicately move me out of my comfort zone. We need to help build confidence in girls to advocate for themselves, speak up in tough situations, and be confident in who they are.”