Board Chair “fell in love” with GRP mission

Danielle Hansen, MBA, LSSBB, CPSM, was scrolling through LinkedIn when she saw a post that Girls Are Powerful was looking for board members. “I quickly fell in love with the mission of Girls Are Powerful after that initial click on its website,” says Danielle. “I am a strong proponent and have spent many years elevating women in business.”
By day, Danielle is Senior Director, Global Strategic Sourcing for Tonal, a San Francisco-based company that combines digital weight, machine learning, and expert coaching to help its customers get stronger.

Danielle is serving as Girls Are Powerful Board Chair for the next two years, supervising and controlling the affairs of the organization.

“Leading this organization allows me to give back to girls ages 7 through 17,” says Danielle. “Girls are bombarded with negative images at these ages. There is a critical need to reinforce and elevate girls’ internal voices to ensure that they grow into confident and powerful women.”

Danielle’s favorite power word is: “Powerful. So many girls, and even women, doubt that they possess power. Girls have the ability within themselves to be powerful. Girls Are Powerful helps to change girls’ thinking and harness that power. Together, we create a community of support that provides the tools that girls and young women need to achieve their dreams!”