Board Secretary models confidence 

“Empowering girls and young women is a mission that is close to my heart,” says Rachelle Niemann, Board Secretary for Girls Are Powerful. “To be a part of the structure that helps the organization thrive is an honor.”

By day, Rachelle is the founder of Advocating Wellness, a professional training and coaching company. As secretary for the Girls Are Powerful board of directors, she is the custodian of all records, keeps meeting minutes, and assures the organization is following laws and regulations.

Rachelle is passionate about supporting girls ages 7 to 17. “It’s a really powerful age when girls are discovering themselves,” she says. “From my own experiences, and from seeing girls in this age group, they’re conditioned to become perfect, pretty, and pleasing. I think this is the perfect age to teach girls to learn, own, and step into their power in productive ways so that they can become confident, unique, and strong women.”

Rachelle’s favorite power word is: “Confident. Having and holding confidence opens up worlds of possibilities. When girls are confident in their true selves, they can dream bigger and more easily take bold action toward realizing their dreams and goals.”

We are grateful Rachelle is serving on our board and can also be a shining example for our girls of confidence and what it takes to create and build a successful business.