Board member has supported the cause since the early days

Tameka Miller learned about Girls Are Powerful in the early days when founder Shawntan Howell was selling motivational T-shirts and related products for girls at vendor shows. “When I heard about its mission and where the organization was headed, I wanted to know more!”

Tameka has been involved every year since in many volunteer roles and is now serving on the board of directors. She will chair an assigned committee at a director level to ensure the committee outcomes are executed successfully. Tameka brings professional experience to this role as she is a Senior Program Manager for Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

Asked why she feels it is important to support girls ages 7 to 17, Tameka replied, “It is one of the hardest periods in a young girl’s life!” Messages that girls are exposed to during these formative years are often negative, “and it gets worse as they get older,” says Tameka. “Between social media, societal culture, and peer pressure, girls are given a lot of ideas of what beautiful and smart means, and it’s often demeaning. Giving them tools to own and celebrate who they are empowers them to believe in themselves and to dismiss messaging that goes against their morals and values – and, most importantly, to build their self-esteem along the way.”

Tameka’s favorite power word is: “Unique. We were all born differently and to me, that’s pretty special. Having different views and perspectives leads to broader ways of thinking and looking at things, which pushes you to grow as a human. Being unique should be celebrated!”