Shawntan Howell

Founder and CEO of Girls Are Powerful

I recently rewrote the founding story of Girls Are Powerful (GRP) after realizing that it happened in two parts. The first was when I founded GRP. I was laboring in a work environment marked by bias and intimidation. I started GRP as a way to prevent my daughter from enduring the aggressions I was encountering every day.

What I didn’t fully realize was that I was teaching my daughter to own her power while still not fully owning mine.

The second part of creating GRP happened with a realization I had: Only when each of us feels confident in who we are – when we find our voice – can we find our power and truly come together to create something bigger than our individual selves.

Today, GRP is devoted to helping all girls find their voice as a way to create meaningful change in our communities and in our world. My own journey toward finding my voice has inspired me to help as many people as possible find theirs. 

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