OUR Programs

GRP is a personal transformation movement that engages and empowers girls to embrace and love all aspects of their identities through self and social awareness, self-advocacy and social change.

Every day, girls are bombarded with negative images that vie for their self-esteem. Whether through mainstream media, social media networks, or the general undercurrents of society, girls now, more than ever, need to know that they are BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, SMART, CONFIDENT, DETERMINED, and POWERFUL.

Since 2013, Girls Are Powerful has been aggressively working to do just that – empower girls and inspire them to embrace their unique qualities.

The goal of Girls Are Powerful is to create a community of empowered girls through our events and program initiatives:

Our Current Programs

Girls Are Powerful (GRP) is launching its Mentor Program, which will bring together girls ages 7-18 of all races, cultures, and lived experiences to discover and embrace their identities and use their power to positively impact their communities.

GRP Day inspires young girls to embrace their whole selves while building community in a series of sessions focused on celebrating their identities, nurturing self-love, and amplifying their powerful, unique voices. 


The Summer of Power program bring you a fun and engaging self-paced initiative for girls ages 7–17 to explore at home during the summer. 

Our In-Person Programs Offered Pre-COVID


Our Community Workshops encourage all girls to love and celebrate their personal power through group activities designed to develop confidence, self-awareness, and strength of character.


The annual We Are Enough Youth Conference brings girls together to hear from speakers and take part in workshops to support personal and intellectual growth through empowerment.


Mother-Daughter events focus on the most vital relationship in the development of girls into strong women through quality time and family and group empowerment activities.

Girl Connect Events

Offered in collaboration with women and organizations in the community, Girl Connect events give girls access to a multitude of experiences to explore, discover, and see women working and succeeding in their dream jobs.

Journaling Program

Focused on enabling coming-of-age girls to give their thoughts a voice through written self-reflection, this Program tasks participants with keeping a journal to give their thoughts words and to practice  empowering techniques.

In this group project, girls work with industry professionals to craft copy, plan layouts and design, and execute a photoshoot from both sides of the lens to create a magazine that lifts girls up instead of putting them down.

Parent / Caregiver Circles

These Circles are an inclusive space where caregivers can talk openly and share skills to become the stewards and mentors of all girls toward the goal of building a generation of empowered women.