Winter Initiatives

COVID Conversations

Look through the YAB’s COVID-19 Conversation Guide! This guide was created to support those gearing up for the winter and holiday season by supplying individuals with an in depth explanation of the COVID-19 virus and a bit more reasoning as to why certain precautions are more effective than others for prevention of transmission. Skim through the guide and come across different scenarios that shoppers and holiday celebrators may frequently face. Our YAB COVID-19 Conversation Guide examines each scenario and provides various ways to counter the specific threat of exposure.

At the end of the guide, follow the lead of our members by recreating projects that aim to decrease the spread and promote safety and wellbeing for all. If you decide to recreate one of the projects listed, please be sure to send a picture to the email! We hope this guide will help you feel better prepared going into the winter season and we wish everyone a very happy new year! 

COVID Conversation Guide

COVID Conversation Guide

Justwearitwinter! Campaign 

To gear up for the holidays and winter season, the Youth Advisory Board relaunched the #justwearit campaign but with a winter twist! To encourage friends and family to continue to stay safe amid the winter season, members took photos of themselves wearing a protective face mask while doing a winter themed activity. Member snapped photos of themselves skiing, posing in front of the Christmas trees, and gift wrapping all while wearing their face masks to inspire individuals everywhere to continue to practice COVID-19 safety guidelines even while celebrating the winter holidays.


Welcome to the cloud, water, and earth playlists! During one of our fall term meetings, we questioned our members about what tools they were employing to get through hard patches in quarantine. In this discussion, each member vocalized how music was one of the key tools they looked towards in order to uplift their moods. Out of this conversation, the cloud, water, and earth playlists were born and it has been a highly loved project. Each playlist consists of roughly 15 songs and are geared towards a specific mood. For example, the cloud playlist was designed to be played for stirring up creativity when one’s mind is overwhelmed. Our water playlist was created to inspire those to get up and get moving when one is tired of staying still. Lastly, our earth playlist was put together in order to ground oneself and bring out one’s own positive energy. We hope you enjoy and don’t be afraid to groove out!

The Water Playlist

The Cloud Playlist

The Earth Playlist

Decode Distance Learning with Clare

Welcome to Decode Distance Learning! Decode Distance Learning is a web series created by our YAB member Clare that is geared towards helping students juggle busy schedules and navigating online material.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 Part 2

Episode 3 Part 1

Episode 4

Donations to Mary’s Place

To give back this holiday season, Youth Advisory Board member Sherry and Lizzy customized nine protective face masks and donated the bundle to Mary’s Place; an organization that has given shelter to families with children over the past 25 years.

Sherry and Lizzy adorned the masks with glitter, patterned fabric, colorful paint ink, and jewels for a unique finish and dropped off their masks just in time for the new year!

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