June 18, 2022| 10:00 AM – 2:00PM CST | Virtual Event


GRP Day: Passport to Power

Girls Are Powerful (GRP) Day inspires girls 8-17 to embrace their whole selves while building community in a series of sessions focused on celebrating their identities, nurturing self-love, and amplifying their powerful, unique voices.

Empowering Girls to Spring into their Greatness

Our goal is to empower the next generation of women to embark on their journey of self-discovery by exploring unique activities developed in alignment with social-emotional learning. Our sessions will introduce girls to new destinations where they can embrace personal strengths and values, share and receive souvenirs within their community, learn to understand and manage emotions and prepare for any adventure.


Join us for a half-day virtual session with fun interactive activities and growth-provoking material. This year’s theme, PASSPORT TO POWER, is designed to inspire them to dream big and be confident to make those dreams a reality. We will support them through identifying their unique strengths that they bring with them wherever they go and understanding how to channel those talents when things don’t go to plan.

This program will ship (1) Activity Box which will include:  

  • Sessions materials that are needed to ensure we get the most out of our time together. 
  • Supplies and materials
  • Girls Are Powerful Swag
  • Summer of Power Bonus
  • Unlock Your Power Postcard
  • Virtual Connections 
  • and More.

These Passport to Power activity boxes will be packed with care by Cummins volunteers, all of who have a strong interest in spreading joy among youth.

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Sessions Overview

We want to inspire all girls to embrace their whole self and build community at Girls Are Powerful Day. At this virtual interactive event, girls will celebrate their identities, nurture their self-love, and amplify their powerful, unique voices! This year’s theme is PASSPORT TO POWER, girls will be introduced to new destinations to embrace their personal strengths and values, share and receive new perspectives, and be prepared to navigate any adventure. Each girl will travel to a continent to be immersed in local forms of self-expression. Along the way, girls will be introduced to and inspired by powerful women from around the world. 

During our day, through the lens of an excited traveler, we will focus our time on the following sessions:

Welcome to Dreamville

Welcome to Dreamville – a place where girls can wander and allow their imaginations to run wild! In this session, girls will first hear about the stories of powerful women. Then they will explore all the places they can go by mapping out their dreams.

Packing Your Power

In preparing for a trip, packing bags with essential elements is important to feeling one’s best in a new place. In this session, girls will reflect on what they need to bring with them–packing their power–before they set off on their journey.

Navigating a Bump in the Road

Sometimes challenges are part of a journey. In this session, girls will learn how to navigate difficult situations by hearing about and practicing skills for when things get tough.

Arriving at Inspiration Station

When the girls arrive at inspiration station, they will be transported to a continent where they will be immersed in cultural learning and self-discovery. In this session, girls will experience the origins and practice of an art form that will expand their perspective of self-care and self-expression.

Seeing the Sights

Sharing the highlights of the trip with others can inspire the next journey. In this session, girls will share their experience – and listen to the journeys of others.

Unpacking the Journey

The girls will close out the day with reflection on how they will honor their travel mementos, lessons, and experiences to consciously uplift themselves and others from this day forward.

After attending the PASSPORT TO POWER event, girls will have a strong sense of confidence, an enhanced toolbox for self-expression, and a deeper connection to their community and the world around them.

Registration Cost

Girls Are Powerful would like all interested girls to participate in this program. While the program value is $75 per youth, we do not want the cost to prevent any girl from taking part. Given the current financial circumstances of your household please see our registration cost as well as our scholarship information below.


$50 per girl


$45 per girl

(for 2 to 4 family members only)


$40 per girl

(for groups of 5+ youth)

For groups of 10 or more, please contact us at

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available for this event. Scholarship monies provided in part by Minnesota NOW (National Organization for Women) Foundation.

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